Isabelle Sommier

Centre de recherches politiques de la Sorbonne

Isabelle Sommier is a professor of political sociology at the Université Paris-1-Panthéon-Sorbonne and a researcher at the Centre européen de sociologie et de science politique (CESSP).

Marseille années 68
Marseille Post'-68
Olivier Fillieule, Isabelle Sommier
The history of May '68 was not only written in Paris and it was not only driven by students. In Marseille as well, upon which this book casts a unique glaze, other activists contributed to making the decade that followed the May explosion into a "golden age of struggle", and sometimes acting as a catalyst for events on the national level.

La violence révolutionnaire
Revolutionary Violence
Isabelle Sommier
Forty years after May 1968, this work investigates the resurgence and the itinerary of the revolutionary violence of the extreme left in France, United States, Italy, Germany and Japan.

With Isabelle Sommier

La politique au fil de l'âge
Politics and age
Anne Muxel
Revolutionary at 20, conservative at 60: is there truth in this old adage? Do our political attitudes change as we age? This work gives light to the ties between age, generation, life cycle and our political lives.

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