Yves Schemeil

Introduction à la science politique
Objets, méthodes, résultats, objectifs
Yves Schemeil

Introduction à la science politique
2e édition revue et augmentée
Introduction to Political Science
Yves Schemeil
This book presents political science in its entirety despite the multiplicity of its goals, the diversity of the approaches and the intensity of its controversies.

Etre gouverné
Etudes en l'honneur de Jean Leca
Being Governed
Studies in Honor of Jean Leca
Pierre Favre, Yves Schemeil
Every person is subjected to a governmental power in varying degrees. But the fact of being governed cannot be analyzed in its generality and complexity if only the recipients of public action are looked at.

With Yves Schemeil

Institutions, élections, opinion
Mélanges en l'honneur de Jean-Luc Parodi
Institutions, Elections and Public Opinion
Yves Déloye, Alexandre Dézé, Sophie Maurer
A major figure of French political science, Jean-Luc Parodi has significantly influenced the discipline, whether intellectually thanks to his pioneering studies, institutionally, or even individually, due to his personality. These texts pay tribute to the intellectual and the man himself.

Négociations internationales
International Negotiations
Franck Petiteville, Delphine Placidi-Frot
Peace, trade, nuclear, environment, Europe... Multilateralism requires players to constantly negotiate. A very useful synthesis on the specifics of the multilateral negotiations for professionals, teachers and students.

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