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Médecin du travail, médecin du patron ?
L'indépendance médicale en question
Occupational Physicians or Corporate Doctors?
Questioning Medical Independence
Pascal Marichalar
Work-related suffering, occupational cancers, musculoskeletal disorders... In France, occupational risk prevention is taking a turn for the worse. This work sheds light on the failings of a system that exposes millions of workers to serious but preventable risks, and offers possibilities for improving the independence of occupational physicians.

Ressources humaines pour sortie de crise
Human Resources as an Answer to the Jobs Crisis
Pierre-Éric Tixier
Could human resources strategies used throughout the business world be contributing to the jobs crisis?

Les CDI dans la tourmente
Entre loyauté et désarroi
The Torment of the Independent Contractor
Between loyalty and distress
David Mélo

Patron de Renault
Pierre Lefaucheux (1944-1955)
Renault's Chief Executive Officer
Cyrille Sardais
This book is not just a simple biography : it is a rare opportunity to discover a usually closed-off universe and a CEO's daily work.

Méthodes pour une sociologie de l'entreprise
Methodologies for Business Sociology
Françoise Piotet, Renaud Sainsaulieu
This work offers methodological options for the sociological diagnostic of business...

L'entreprise, une affaire de société
2e édition
Renaud Sainsaulieu

Les enjeux de la société de service
Jean-Claude Delaunay, Jean Gadrey

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