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Les bonnes pratiques des organisations internationales
The Best Practices of International Organisations
Asmara Klein , Camille Laporte, Marie Saiget
OECD, World Bank , UN Women .... all organizations are now calling for "good practice" to improve their action, train their staff, improve their expertise and thereby legitimize their presence on land increasingly competition from non-state actors.

Critique internationale 76, juillet-septembre 2017
La (dé)politisation des organisations internationales

Droits d'ingérence
Dans un monde post-2001
Right of Interference
In post-2001 World
Philippe Moreau Defarges
International rights and interference.

Famines et politique
Hunger and Politics
Sylvie Brunel
Today hunger is no more the result of misfortune, of nature disorders or the increase of world population but the consequences of human action. In a few words, hunger is politic.

La France à l'ONU
Premiers rôles et second rang
Marie-Claude Smouts

Le G20, laboratoire d'un monde émergent
The G20 Summit, Laboratory of an Emerging World
Karoline Postel-Vinay
Since the 2008 financial crisis, the G20 has established itself as the primary forum for international economic cooperation. This book is an insightful analysis of its rise and its impact on the international order at a turning point of its trajectory.

L'humanitaire en catastrophe
Pierre de Senarclens

Ils nous avaient promis la paix
Opérations de l'ONU et populations locales
Peace Operations Seen from Below
UN Missions and Local People
Béatrice Pouligny
Pouligny's analysis of several UN interventions, based on first hand observation of how local people intermingle with UN soldiery and civilians, sheds light on a neglected but crucial dimension of international peace enforcement.

Intégration et déviance au sein du système international
Integration And Divergence Within The International System
Soraya Sidani
With this iconoclastic portrait of multilateral cooperation, Soraya Sidani offers a new perspective on the global order (or disorder) by illustrating, in the tradition of Durkheim, Merton and others, that the different aspects of social behaviour are also applicable when analysing international relations.

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