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Terres, pouvoirs et conflits
Une agro-histoire du monde
Land, power and conflict
An agrohistory of the world
Pierre Blanc
Because land possession remains a critical political objective, Pierre Blanc reviews contemporary history by placing the issue of land ownership at the heart of power relations. This book provides an agrohistory of the world in order to shed light on the geopolitical issues of the 21st century.

La santé aux États-Unis
Une histoire politique
Health in the United States
A political history
Anne-Laure Beaussier
Focusing on Congress and questions of health protection, Anne Laure Beaussier shows how the changes in federal power since the 1970s and the ideological polarization between democrats and republicans have affected the social policies of this country.

La politique étrangère des États-Unis
Fondements, acteurs, formulation
American Foreign Policy
Founding principles, actors, development
Charles-Philippe David
In the United States, the development of foreign policy involves a great variety of actors and provokes intense debates. This full overview of the development of American foreign policy simultaneously examines its history, nature, culture, approaches, associated institutions and links with society. A best for students and professionals.

Art versus War
Les artistes américains contre la guerre en Irak
Art vs War
American artists against the war in Iraq
Violaine Roussel
From Michael Moore to Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon, numerous Hollywood stars protest again the war in Iraq. This book deciphers the logic behind the engagement of artists, perfomers and celebrities, drawing new ties between art and politics.

Vingtième Siècle 97 (2008-1)
Spécial : L'Amérique de George W. Bush
et al.

La société américaine après le 11 septembre
American Society Post 9/11
Sophie Body-Gendrot
If everything seems to have changed, September 11 has revealed strong tendencies in American society. Mistrust of the State and international organizations, withdrawal into local communities, self-defense by arms…..

L'Etat en Amérique
Marie-France Toinet

L'Amérique de la contestation
Les années 60 aux Etats-Unis
Marie-Christine Granjon

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