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Autrepart 83, 2017
et al.

Le Privilège occidental
Travail, intimité et hiérarchies postcoloniales à Dubaï
Western privilege
Work, intimacy and postcolonial hierarchy in Dubai
Amélie Le Renard
In Dubai, western status is not only used to rank, legitimize, regroup, and distance, but also to distinguish oneself from the other elites of the global city, with the conviction of being more advance in all areas.This book provides a striking and singular perspective on the contemporary reconfigurations of Western hegemony.

Critique internationale 78, janvier-mars 2018
Avec ou sans les frères. Les islamistes arabes face à la résilience autoritaire
et al.

Terres, pouvoirs et conflits
Une agro-histoire du monde
Land, power and conflict
An agrohistory of the world
Pierre Blanc
Because land possession remains a critical political objective, Pierre Blanc reviews contemporary history by placing the issue of land ownership at the heart of power relations. This book provides an agrohistory of the world in order to shed light on the geopolitical issues of the 21st century.

Violence et politique au Moyen-Orient
Politics and Violence in the Middle East
Pierre Blanc, Jean-Paul Chagnollaud
The desertion of politics, whose legitimacy is based on dialogue, compromise and the reference to the law, leaves the way open to a wave of multiform violence in this region. This work attempts to decipher the mechanisms behind this violence.

Proche-Orient : le pouvoir, la terre et l'eau
The Near-East: Power, Water and Land
Pierre Blanc
A geopolitical analysis of an unstable region considered from the largely overlooked, though determining in terms of power and security, point of view of agricultural and water policy.

Monarchies et sociétés d'Arabie
Le temps des confrontations
Monarchies and Societies of Arabia
Confrontations Times
Fatiha Dazi-Heni
A reference book to understand today economic and international issues for the monarchies of Arabia.

Résistances et protestations dans les sociétés musulmanes
Resistance and Protest in Muslim Societies
Mounia Bennani-Chraïbi, Olivier Fillieule

Gardiens de l'islam
Les oulémas d'Al Azhar dans l'Egypte contemporaine
Malika Zeghal

Exils et royaumes
Les appartenances au monde arabo-musulman aujourd'hui. Etudes réunies pour Rémy Leveau
Gilles Kepel

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