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Vingtième siècle 140, octobre-décembre 2018
Pratiques ordinaires de l'ordre en Afrique
Romain Tiquet, et al.

Trier, exclure et policer
Vies urbaines en Afrique du Sud et au Nigeria
Sorting, excluding and policing
Urban lives in South Africa and Nigeria
Laurent Fourchard
The major cities of South Africa and Nigeria have a reputation as dangerous, filled with slums and dominated by the black market. Little is known, however, about the ways in which populations are sorted, categorized and policed, in keeping with the methods of social and ethnic reification of apartheid and the colonial era.

L'Afrique du Nord après les révoltes arabes
The State in North Africa: after the Arab Uprisings
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez reviews the situation in countries like Algeria, Morocco, Libya and Tunisia. He shows that by bracing themselves with the twin functions inherited from colonial powers – maintaining law and order and extracting natural resources – these states have neglected to put the general interest of their countries at the heart of their action.

Autrepart 84, 2017
Territoires et identités : une construction patrimoniale

Critique internationale 83, avril-juin 2019
Corps migrants aux frontières méditerranéennes de l'Europe

Autrepart 83, 2017
et al.

Migrations et développement rural inclusif en Méditerranée

Migration and inclusive rural developpment in the Mediterranean

Critique internationale 81, octobre-décembre 2018
Les petits professionnels de l'international

Autrepart 81, 2017
Savoirs autochtones et développement
Mina Kleiche-Dray, et al.

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