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L'action collective en Europe
Collective Action in Europe
Collective Action in Europe
Richard Balme, P. Chabanet, Vincent Wright

De la Cinquième République à l'Europe
Hommage à Jean-Louis Quermonne
François d'Arcy, Luc Rouban

La citoyenneté européenne
Catherine Wihtol de Wenden

Les commissaires européens
Technocrates, diplomates ou politiques?
European Commissioners
Technocrats, Diplomats or Politicians ?
Andy Smith, Jean Joana
This book fills a gap by analysing the way in which these commissioners are nominated, their role in the implementation of community policies and their political representation in Europe.

La Conférence intergouvernementale
Enjeux et documents
The Intergovernmental Conference
Centre européen de Sciences po Paris
The reader will find here the great themes and the principal issues of the Intergovernmental Conference of March 1996, on the application of the Maastricht Treaty...

La Constitution européenne
Que faut-il savoir ?
The European Constitution
Florence Deloche-Gaudez
This book introduces the European Constitution by explaining how it was drafted during the European Convention and the intergovernmental Conference. It also identifies the most influential actors in relation to the drafting of the constitution.

Une Constitution pour l'Europe?
A Constitution for Europe?
Renaud Dehousse
Must the European Union equip itself with a constitution? If yes, what should it contain? How can it respond to the expectations of citizens disoriented by the complexity of the European institutional mechanism?...

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