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Sphère publique, intérêts privés
Enquête sur un grand brouillage
Public sphere, private interests
Investigating the blurring of boundaries
Pierre France, Antoine Vauchez
By tracing the role the profession of business lawyer has acquired within the confines of the state and the market, the authors of this fascinating investigation explore the contours of this grey area at the edge of political and administrative institutions. What does this ascension cost us today, both politically and democratically ?

Le Vote disruptif
Les élections présidentielle et législatives de 2017
The disruptive vote
The presidential and legislative elections of 2017
Pascal Perrineau
A process of creative destruction of a rare intensity swept through the French political system during the 2017 elections, comparable to a devastated battleground. After the storm, now comes the time for analysis and the first research results.

Le mouvement Poujade
De la défense professionnelle au populisme nationaliste (1953-1962)
The Poujadist Movement
From corporate defense to nationalist populism (1953-1962)
Romain Souillac

C'était la gauche plurielle
Daniel Boy, Henri Rey, Françoise Subileau

Le Front national à découvert
Nonna Mayer, Pascal Perrineau

Le fil rouge
Sociologie de la mémoire communiste
The Iron Curtain
Sociology of Communist Memory
Marie-Claire Lavabre
This work introduces the reader to several communist generations in an investigation attempting to break from the principals of a sociology of collective memory...

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