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Finances publiques
4e édition
François Adam, Olivier Ferrand, Rémy Rioux

L'Argent de la politique
Eric Phélippeau

Refonder le système de protection sociale
Pour une nouvelle génération de droits sociaux
Restructuring the Social Protection System
Towards a New Generation of Social Rights
Bernard Gazier, Bruno Palier, Hélène Périvier
Designing a new architecture for social protection, the book shows that it is urgent and possible to rebuild the system. A plea for the design of a new generation of social rights, by three specialists in family policies, employment, social protection!

Le consentement à l'impôt
Consenting to be Taxed
André Barilari
Taxes and tariffs have always provoked aggression. Of course, taxes are indispensible for community survival, and for a democratic state to guarantee liberties to its citizens. This book explores the historical roots of this contradiction...

Jean-Marcel Jeanneney, Suzanne Quiers-Valette

Essai d'une comptabilité interrégionale française pour 1954
Tome 1: Les résultats
Jean-Marcel Jeanneney, Suzanne Quiers-Valette

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