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Refonder le système de protection sociale
Pour une nouvelle génération de droits sociaux
Restructuring the Social Protection System
Towards a New Generation of Social Rights
Bernard Gazier, Bruno Palier, Hélène Périvier
Designing a new architecture for social protection, the book shows that it is urgent and possible to rebuild the system. A plea for the design of a new generation of social rights, by three specialists in family policies, employment, social protection!

Le consentement à l'impôt
Consenting to be Taxed
André Barilari
Taxes and tariffs have always provoked aggression. Of course, taxes are indispensible for community survival, and for a democratic state to guarantee liberties to its citizens. This book explores the historical roots of this contradiction...

Jean-Marcel Jeanneney, Suzanne Quiers-Valette

Essai d'une comptabilité interrégionale française pour 1954
Tome 1: Les résultats
Jean-Marcel Jeanneney, Suzanne Quiers-Valette

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