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Raisons politiques 68, novembre 2017
Prises de parole : les discours subalternes
et al.

Actualité de Montesquieu
Catherine Larrère

Aphorismes et citations politiques
Aphorisms and Political Quotations
Guy Hermet
Guy Hermet offers a selection of little ironic, burlesque phrases, revealing in a few short, memorable words the hidden nature of things.

Archéologie de la représentation politique
Structure et fondement d'une crise
The Archeology of Political Representation
Didier Mineur
This book addresses what is called the "crisis of representation". Parting from the idea that this is a rhetorical issue, it attempts to shed light on the truth of representative systems.

L'Attraction mondiale
World Attraction
Frédéric Ramel
This didactic presentation of the controversies spurred by the idea of a « universal State » reveals the fault lines that they draw within the major contemporary ideological currents. An introduction to the philosophy of international relations.

Etudes réunies pour Alfred Grosser
The Other
Hommages to Alfred Grossner
Bertrand Badie, Marc Sadoun
Promoted by globalization and sharpened by the "identity awakening", the dramas of development, or of poverty, the idea of “otherness” is the unifier of the passions of our contemporary world...

Carl Schmitt, penseur de l'État
Genèse d'une doctrine
Carl Schmitt, philosopher on the State
Genesis of a doctrine
Sandrine Baume

Le citoyen
Mélanges offerts à Alain Lancelot
The Citizen
Bertrand Badie, Pascal Perrineau

Le citoyen sentimental
Émotions et politique en démocratie
The Sentimental Citizen
Emotions and Politics in Democracy
Geroge E. Marcus

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