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René Rémond, historien
René Réond, Historian
Jean-Noël Jeanneney, Jean-François Sirinelli
Specialising in the contemporary era, René Rémond (1918–2007) penned a number of works which contributed significantly to the revival of political and religious history in France. This collection brings together the accounts of historians who knew Rémond, who were influenced by his work with articles analysing specific elements of his oeuvre.

Patron de Renault
Pierre Lefaucheux (1944-1955)
Renault's Chief Executive Officer
Cyrille Sardais
This book is not just a simple biography : it is a rare opportunity to discover a usually closed-off universe and a CEO's daily work.

Didier Musiedlak
Unlike Hitler and Stalin, history and memory seem have been kinder to Mussolini who even today benefits from a rather favourable reputation. Didier Musiedlak questions the origins and mechanisms of this public representation of the Italian dictator.

Sandrine Kott

Stéphane Van Damme

Jérôme Grévy

François de Wendel
Denis Woronoff

Charles Maurras
Bruno Goyet

Maurice Thorez
Stéphane Sirot

Marc Bloch
Olivier Dumoulin

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