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La Participation des salariés
Du partage d'information à la codétermination
Patricia Crifo, Antoine Rebérioux

Revue économique 69-6, novembre 2018
Les Nouvelles frontières de l'Etat
David Martimort, et al.

Financement participatif : une voie d'avenir pour la culture ?
Crowdfunding: the future of culture ?
François Moreau, Yann Nicolas
Born with the digital revolution, crowdfunding consists in calling on the internet community to fund projects. The authors of this book explore this new model of funding, analyze the profile of those who contribute to it, and question its impact on the diversity of the supply of art and culture.

Améliorer les appariements sur le marché du travail
Improving labor market matching
Alexandra Roulet
This book weighs the relative importance of the various factors involved in this discrepancy in labor market supply and demand: those looking for work may not have the skills businesses are looking for; they may not live in the regions where jobs are being created; recruiters and jobseekers may not have access to relevant information.

Revue économique 69-3, mai 2018
Risque et économie. 3e journées internationales du risque 2016
Lydie Ancelot, Liliane Bonnal, Marc-Hubert Depret, Cornel Oros, Bertrand Villeneuve, et al.

Travail et santé
Work and Health
Thomas Barnay, Florence Jusot
The relationship between individuals' health and the labour market has been the subject of many debates and a substantial amount of legislation. The current legislative frameworks do not sufficiently take into account these interactions, further increased by the ageing population, and professional careers that are longer and les ssecure.

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