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Raisons politiques 75, août 2019
Démocratie radicale : retours critiques

La matière noire de la démocratie
Democracy's Dark Matter
Luc Rouban
In a context where policy and campaign platforms have become like any other product for consumption, and in which an increasingly large part of the population feels deprived of autonomy and forced to suffer to the negative effects of globalization, class warfare has changed. Notions of representativity and universality are no longer relevant here.

La Participation des salariés
Du partage d'information à la codétermination
Employee participation
From information sharing to co-determination
Patricia Crifo, Antoine Rebérioux
Sometimes implemented at the discretion of company directors and sometimes because of legal requirements, the participation strategies analyzed in this book take different forms: economic rights for the personnel committee, collective bargaining agreements, representation at the board of directors, and so forth.

Raisons politiques 74, mai 2019
Théories politiques du transhumanisme

La Ve République démystifiée
The 5th Republic Demystified
Olivier Duhamel, Martial Foucault, Mathieu Fulla, Marc Lazar
This unbiased portrait, provided by economists, historians, political scientists, and legal scholars, shows that in its sixty years of existence, the 5th French Republic has only survived by transforming itself.

Chiffres clés de la culture et de la communication 2019
Key figures in Culture and Communication 2019
The 2019 edition of Key Figures in Culture and Communication provides an objective approach to the cultural sector as a whole and constitutes an essential tool to understand the issues the sector is facing.

Autrepart 83, 2017
et al.

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