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Légitimer l'Europe
Pouvoir et symbolique à l'ère de la gouvernance
Legitimizing Europe
François Foret
This book deals with the symbolic aspect of the European expansion and national political life...

Les Français contre l'Europe
Are the French Anti- Europe ?
Understanding the referendum of May 29th 2005
Sylvain Brouard, Emiliano Grossman, Nicolas Sauger
The French have always had a complex relationship with Europe. This book provides a global viewpoint of the specific nature of the European question in the French political arena.

L'état de l'Union européenne 2007
L'Europe des biens publics
The state of the European Union 2007
The Europe of the public good
Jean-Paul Fitoussi, Jacques Le Cacheux
This book means to contribute to the European reconstruction.

L'Intégration européenne
Entre émergence institutionnelle et recomposition de l'Etat
European integration
Christian Lequesne, Yves Surel
An unprecedent reference work to understand European integration.

L'Europe élargie
Enjeux économiques
Enlarged Europe
Economical issues
Marie-Luise Herschtel
The economical issues of the enlargment are a source of worry to the different populations of the Union. In a clear and concise manner, the author analyses how the costs and advantages might be shared out over time among member States.

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