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Les banlieues de l'Europe
Les politiques de voisinage de l'Union européenne
The Suburbs of Europe
European Neighborhood Policy
Jacques Rupnik
An analysis of the European neighborhood policy, its reception by the concerned nations (Ukraine, Georgia, Moldavia, Balkans, Turkey) and the issues Europe must respond frome the Russian border to Euro-mediterranean partnership.

Identity and quality of mediterranean foodstuffs

Identité et qualité des produits alimentaires méditerranéens

La politique internationale de l'Union européenne
International Politics of the European Union
Franck Petiteville
This work summarizes thirty years of Political Science and International Relations debate on Europe and its relations with the world.

La France en mutation 1980-2005
Changing France 1980 - 2005

L'Union fait la force
L'Europe dans les négociations commerciales internationales
The Union Builds Strength
The European Union in International Trade Negotiations
Sophie Meunier
This book retraces and analyzes the great negotiations of European commerce politics...

Gouverner par les instruments
Instruments of Public Politics
Pierre Lascoumes, Patrick Le Galès
This book presents new analyses of public policy : it studies the technology of governance and more especially the instruments used for putting public policy into practice.

L'Europe du médicament
Politique - Expertise - Intérêts privés
Pharmaceutical Europe
Politics - Valuation - Private Interests
Boris Hauray
How and why do we decide a medication is acceptable for use? What level of involvement does the pharmaceutical industry have in review procedures? Is the protection of public health ensured appropriately?...

L'état de l'Union européenne 2005
Constitution, élargissement, Turquie
Jean-Paul Fitoussi

La politique agricole commune
Anatomie d'une transformation
Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
Hélène Delorme
This book is a study of sizeable agricultural systems in representative EU member countries. It sheds light on the various concepts and debates on CAP reform.

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