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La CFDT (1968-1995)
De l'autogestion au syndicalisme de proposition
From independent management to the unionization of productivity (1968-1995)
Nicolas Defaud
In this passionate history of the CFDT (Confédération française démocratique du travail), Nicolas Defaud shows how the CFDT has shifted from management-based socialism to apolitical reformism in less than a generation.

Tourisme et travail
De l'éducation populaire au secteur marchand (1945-1985)
Work and Tourism
From cultural education to the commercial sector (1945-1985)
Sylvain Pattieu
This book crosses histories and associations of tourism, popular leisure, and of the labor movement in order to shed new light on the hope, born in 1936, of the people's tourism, both social and educational.

De l'Amérique ordinaire à l'État secret
Le cas Nixon
From Ordinary America to the Secret State
Nixon Case
Romain Huret
An analysis of the American democratic system throughout the course of the 20th century, as illuminated by the Nixon presidency.

Patron de Renault
Pierre Lefaucheux (1944-1955)
Renault's Chief Executive Officer
Cyrille Sardais
This book is not just a simple biography : it is a rare opportunity to discover a usually closed-off universe and a CEO's daily work.

Démocratie au village
La pratique du pouvoir à Rioz en Franche-Comté depuis la Révolution
Democracy in the village
Power practices at Rioz in Franche-Comté since the revolution
Jean-Marcel Jeanneney
This book recounts how and by whom authority was exercised in a rural commune from 1789 to the present, and the way a village - Rioz, in eastern France - governed itself in the course of local, regional, and national events.

Vingtième Siècle 101 (2009-1)
Dossier : Publicité et propagande
et al.

Emmaüs et l'abbé Pierre
Emmaüs and Abbé Pierre
Axelle Brodiez-Dolino
This book opens the doors of the Emmaus movement, an extraordinary development in contemporary humanitarianism and an important page in French social history.

La résistance aux génocides
De la pluralité des actes de sauvetage
Resistance to Genocide
The Multiplicity of Salvation Efforts in the Face of the Extermination of Armenians, Jews, and Tutsis.
Jacques Sémelin, Claire Andrieu, Sarah Gensburger

Le rameau et le glaive
Les militants français pour la SDN
The Branch and the Sword
French militants for the League of Nations
Jean-Michel Guieu
This book demonstrates that French militants for the League of Nations were fighting for a new concept of international relations, looking to limit, if not abolish, violence between sovereign states through juridic rule.

Vingtième Siècle 99 (2008-3)
Dossier : Aristocraties européennes et césure de la Grande Guerre
et al.

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