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Mai 68, un pavé dans leur histoire
Événements et socialisation politique
May 1968, A Page in History
Historical Events and Political Socialisation
Julie Pagis
Who are the men and women who participated in May 1968? What was the impact of their activism on their children? Based on a large scale survey among "ordinary sixty-huitards", the book rehabilitates a plural history of May 68 by combining statistical analysis and life stories.

Sociétés contemporaines 103, 2016
Faire tenir les murs
et al.
In a society that promotes respect for privacy, freedom and mobility, detention centers, particularly the prison and the mental hospital, have a problematic character. This thema is interested in daily practices that reduce the disturbance induced by the contradictory injunctions to the institution.

Sociétés contemporaines 112, 2018
Socialisation (et) politique
Yassin Boughaba, Alexandre Dafflon, Camille Masclet, et al.

Les scrutins politiques en France de 1815 à 1962
Contestations et invalidations
Jean-Paul Charnay

Les ouvriers et la politique
Permanence, ruptures, réalignements
Workers and Politics
Permanence, Ruptures, Aligment
Guy Michelat, Michel Simon
In this book, the authors show the development of working class political attitudes, to assess the scope of those attitudes, to chronicle major changes and then to propose an unmatched report on the subject.

Critique politique du travail
Travailler à l'heure de la société des services
Political Critique of Work
Isabelle Ferreras
Contrary to what we incessantly repeat about the end of work and the depoliticization of workers, this book demonstrates that work, in a time of flexibility, not only has a sense of, but is a source of engagement...

L'égalité introuvable
La parité, les féministes et la République
The Unobtainable Equality
Eléonore Lépinard
In France it was believed that idea of parity allowed the end of the political exclusion of women. However, equality still struggles to be translated into fact...

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