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L'invention du PACS
Pratiques et symboliques d'une nouvelle forme d'union
The Invention of the PACS (Civil Pact of Solidarity)
The Practical and Symbolic Implications of a New Type of Union
Wilfried Rault
Ten years after, this book analyses the acceptation of the PACS by the French society. It brings new elements for a political and social debate on contemporary changes in private life.

Émotions... Mobilisation !
Emotions ... Mobilization !
Christophe Traïni
Emotions are at the heart of mass mobilization : The objective here is to analyze these "phenomena" which allow militants to sensitize the public to their cause.

Le marché des défunts
Market of the Departed
Pascale Trompette
The author describes the political and historic construction of this market, an effort shared between church, state, and private entrepreneurs...

Le façonnage des élites de la République
Culture générale et haute fonction publique
Shaping the Republic's Elite
General knowledge and top civil service
Claire Oger
Two fundamental questions: that of a republican meritocracy founded more on an archaic social model than on acquired knowledge, and that of the possibility of reforming these graduate programs so strongly anchored in the blueprint of their founders...

Genre, violences et espaces publics
La vulnérabilité des femmes en question
Gender, Violence and Public Space
The vulnerability of women in question
Marylène Lieber

La société chinoise vue par ses sociologues
Migrations, villes, classe moyenne, drogue, sida
Chinese Society as seen by its Sociologists
Migrations, Cities, the Middle Class, Drugs, and AIDS
Jean-Louis Rocca
This book offers an alternative comprehension of Chinese society.

Critique internationale 39, avril - juin 2008
L'enseignement supérieur face à l'internationalisation et à la privatisation
et al.

L'acte de vote
The Act of Voting
Yves Déloye, Olivier Ihl
This book invites the reader to rediscover the knowledge and the practices that shape our experience of the vote...

Sociétés contemporaines n° 69 2008
L'intégration par le sport ?
et al.

Le journaliste et le sociologue
Géraldine Muhlmann, Edwy Plenel

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