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Opinion, sondages et démocratie
Nouvelle édition entièrement actualisée
Opinions, Pollsnd Democracy
Roland Cayrol

L'Union européenne dans le temps long
The European Union in the Long Term
Jean-Louis Quermonne
Echoing the method of Fernand Braudel, Jean-Louis Quermonne offers a brief history of Europe facing the test of time...

Le quinquennat
Réflexions sur nos institutions
The Five Year Term
Reflections on our institutions
Olivier Duhamel

Exporter la démocratie ?
Exporting Democracy ?
Guy Hermet
Succumbing neither to absolute pessimism nor to blindness, this work reviews the likelihood of the consolidation of young democracies and the establishment of numerous, enduring authoritarian systems...

Regard sur le siècle
A Look at the Century
René Rémond
At the moment when the twentieth century tipped into the past, René Rémond takes a look back in an effort to appreciate all that the century brought humanity.

La mondialisation
3e édition
Olivier Dollfus
A reference on globalization

Keynes ou l'économiste citoyen
Keynes or the Citizen Economist
2nd Edition
Bernard Maris

Les identités difficiles
2e édition
Identity in Question
Alfred Grosser
A worthy reflection at a moment when questions of identity re-emerge with so much gravitas.

L'Europe élargie
Enjeux économiques
Enlarged Europe
Economical issues
Marie-Luise Herschtel
The economical issues of the enlargment are a source of worry to the different populations of the Union. In a clear and concise manner, the author analyses how the costs and advantages might be shared out over time among member States.

La Société civile face au pouvoir
Civil Society Facing Power
Roger Sue
Based on an analysis of a loss of political power in the face of a triumphant "economism" and of the maturity of civil society, the author outlines what Aristotle called "the art of being governed".

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