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Le risque nucléaire
The Nuclear Risk
Marie-Hélène Labbé
This book deals with the links between risk and fear or between risk and politics in a "risk society" as well as the changes that have occurred since the end of the cold war.

Le développement à contre-courant
Development in Question
Gilbert Etienne
The author shows that, sadly, there is no clear correlation between political choices and economic development.

Critique de la mondialisation
Questionning Globalization
Pierre de Senarclens
The author proposes a long-term analysis of institutional reforms to be undertaken at international level, the development of mechanisms for regional integration, and above all a reinforcement of democratic participation.

La société américaine après le 11 septembre
American Society Post 9/11
Sophie Body-Gendrot
If everything seems to have changed, September 11 has revealed strong tendencies in American society. Mistrust of the State and international organizations, withdrawal into local communities, self-defense by arms…..

Pourquoi la gouvernance ?
Why Governance?
Jean-Pierre Gaudin
Today, governance is a favourite reference of our major political leaders. This portmanteau word is tossed around by economic and social powers, not to mention the media, in regard to numerous topics.

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