Collection : Contester Protest
Series edited by Nonna Mayer

Series edited by Nonna Mayer

Protest has become a current mode of political action. Is France, the country with the highest number of demonstrations per year, discovering a new style of citizen politics ? Is this a worldwide tendency? Is a transnational public space in the making ?

Far from a nostalgic evocation of the past, the aim of the PROTEST collection is to answer these questions by analysing the former uses, the current trends, and the actual impact of these political modes of action.

Intended for activists, students, and academics, the PROTEST collection offers a series of short books that are clear, informed and accessible, including for each mode of action:
• A brief history and definition
• A theoretical frame
• A comparative perspective of its uses and political dimensions
• A short bibliography


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La Consommation engagée
2e édition entièrement actualisée
Militant consumerism
Second Edition revised and updated
Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier
Maintaining an ambiguous relationship with the market, being both opposed to and within it, militant consumerism is now a powerful movement, capable of influencing governments, legislators and economic actors.

Le Théâtre contestataire
Protest theatre
Mathilde Arrigoni
By combining classical sociological tools with the analysis of works, authors, and protest groups, this book explores the sometimes collusive and often conflicted links between theatre and power.

Conflits et résistances au travail
Conflict and resistance at work
Ivan Sainsaulieu
Workplace conflict has by no means disappeared. Rather, it has adapted to different contexts and taken on new forms that sometimes appeared to be closer to resistance than traditional conflict. It is this diversification of forms of oppression – class, gender, sex and race – as well as their political implications that this book sheds light on.

Le boycott
Ingrid Nyström, Patricia Vendramin
What are the conditions of success of a boycott? Is an alliance of consumers, citizens and workers possible? Mode of action of a global civil society and strong purchasing power, boycott could be as decisive for the twenty-first century as was the strike to the labor movement.

La philanthropie
Alexandre Lambelet
Philanthropy is the non-governmental practice of an elite which claims to have the ability to solve social problems itself. This volume presents a vast overview of studies dealing with philanthropy on both sides of the Atlantic. A unique look at an activity whose media coverage has never been as great as now in the 21st century.

désobéissance civile
2e édition augmentée et mise à jour
Graeme Hayes, Sylvie Ollitrault

2e édition augmentée et mise à jour
Dominique Cardon, Fabien Granjon

La Manifestation
2e édition augmentée et mise à jour
Olivier Fillieule, Danielle Tartakowsky

Les squats
Cécile Péchu
From resistance to contest, a first essay to analyse the squat as a way of contestation from a historical and sociological point of view. It brings some order in all the usages of the squat while reviewing its origins.

La grève de la faim
Hunger Strikes
Johanna Siméant
A historical analyse of this mode of protest from its birth at the beginning of the twentieth century with British suffragettes and Irish nationalists to its later use on every continent.

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