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Jeux vidéo : l'industrie culturelle du XXIe siècle ?
Pierre-Jean Benghozi, Philippe Chantepie

La Tyrannie du genre
Marie Duru-Bellat

À quoi servent les politiques de mémoire ?
Sarah Gensburger, Sandrine Lefranc

L'Enjeu mondial. Religion & politique
Alain Dieckhoff, Philippe Portier

Zéro gaspillage en Méditerranée. Ressources naturelles, alimentation et connaissances
FAO Organisation des Nations unies pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture,CIHEAM

Politique et religion
Relire l'histoire, éclairer le présent
Politics and Religion
Re-reading history, shedding light on the present
Jean Picq
In the face of the awakening of fundamentalisms and violent extremisms, Jean Picq invites us to re-read our history, to identify the key points that have allowed us to define new relations between the spiritual and the temporal and to see the triumph of reason dedicated to civil peace. 

Atlas des migrations environnementales
Environnemtal Migrations
Dina Ionesco, Daria Mokhnacheva, François Gemenne
Coordinated by three of the best experts in environmental migration, with the help of cartographers and specialists in computer graphics, this pioneering work provides the first comprehensive overview of the state of affairs in this area. With more than 100 maps and graphics, it possible solutions to this major 21st century challenge.

L'enjeu mondial. L'environnement
Global Issues. The environment
François Gemenne
A global overview of environmental issues raised by the new policies of the Earth by the best scholars in the field — philosophers, economists, sociologists, historians, engineers, political scientists and international relations experts.

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