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Un monde unidimensionnel
A One-Dimension World
Dario Battistella
The post-Cold War was a one-dimension world, synonymous with US material preeminence and the normative hegemony of liberalism on global governance. Can the ascent Chinese, Russian revisionism or revivalism Islamist challenge this order?

Refonder le système de protection sociale
Pour une nouvelle génération de droits sociaux
Restructuring the Social Protection System
Towards a New Generation of Social Rights
Bernard Gazier, Bruno Palier, Hélène Périvier
Designing a new architecture for social protection, the book shows that it is urgent and possible to rebuild the system. A plea for the design of a new generation of social rights, by three specialists in family policies, employment, social protection!

Violence et politique au Moyen-Orient
Politics and Violence in the Middle East
Pierre Blanc, Jean-Paul Chagnollaud
The desertion of politics, whose legitimacy is based on dialogue, compromise and the reference to the law, leaves the way open to a wave of multiform violence in this region. This work attempts to decipher the mechanisms behind this violence.

La menace fantôme
Les industries culturelles face au numérique
The Phantom Menace
Cultural Industrie in the Digital Age
Emmanuel Durand
Will cultural industries disappear because of the digital revolution? Can they survive the major disruptions caused by new technologies? In this little survival guide, the professionals of the cultural industries will find some keys to face this major challenge.

Médecin du travail, médecin du patron ?
L'indépendance médicale en question
Occupational Physicians or Corporate Doctors?
Questioning Medical Independence
Pascal Marichalar
Work-related suffering, occupational cancers, musculoskeletal disorders... In France, occupational risk prevention is taking a turn for the worse. This work sheds light on the failings of a system that exposes millions of workers to serious but preventable risks, and offers possibilities for improving the independence of occupational physicians.

Grand Paris
L'émergence d'une métropole
The Emergence of a Metropolis
Frédéric Gilli
An indispensable work for anyone wishing to understand this shift, comprehend upcoming changes in Île de France and discover how France has entered the 21st century.

Recherche et innovation
Quelles stratégies politiques ?
Research and Innovation
Choosing political strategies
Marcel Morabito
Drawing upon his numerous missions throughout America, Asia and Europe, Marcel Morabito offers a unique overview of current research and innovation models around the globe, also providing manysuggestions on ways to improve the French system.

Peut-on sauver les forêts tropicales ?
Instruments de marchés et REDD+ versus principes de réalité
Can we Save Tropical Rainforest ?
Market Tools and the REDD System vs Realism
Romain Pirard
Close to 32 million acres of rainforest are destroyed each year. Many tools exist to stop this catastrophe. But are they quite innovative and competitive? A remarquable essay on the tracks to favor!

La nouvelle Amérique latine
Laboratoire politique de l'Occident
The New Latin America
A Political Laboratory for the West
Georges Couffignal
Participatory democracy, multi-culturalism, populism integrator... Latin America will continue to experiment with modes of governance that challenge our original "old" democracies.

Morale ou finance ?
La déontologie dans les pratiques financières
Finance or Morality?
The Ethics of Financial Practices
Judith Assouly
Why was the establishment of an ethical code in the world of finance unable to prevent scandals from occurring? Judith Assouly breaks open the black box of financial control, a form of supervision conducted by the financial players themselves.

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