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La nouvelle Amérique latine
Laboratoire politique de l'Occident
The New Latin America
A Political Laboratory for the West
Georges Couffignal
Participatory democracy, multi-culturalism, populism integrator... Latin America will continue to experiment with modes of governance that challenge our original "old" democracies.

Morale ou finance ?
La déontologie dans les pratiques financières
Finance or Morality?
The Ethics of Financial Practices
Judith Assouly
Why was the establishment of an ethical code in the world of finance unable to prevent scandals from occurring? Judith Assouly breaks open the black box of financial control, a form of supervision conducted by the financial players themselves.

Agriculture et mondialisation
Un atout géopolitique pour la France
Sébastien Abis, Thierry Pouch

Penser la décroissance
Politiques de l'Anthropocène
Envisioning Degrowth
Anthropocene Politics
Agnès Sinaï
The 21st century will be known as that of a 'decline in energy'. Confronted as we are with a dramatic break in the history of time, it is imperative that we rapidly adopt a model other than productivism.

Génération Y
Les jeunes et les réseaux sociaux, de la dérision à la subversion
Generation Y
Monique Dagnaud
An essay on the culture of adolescents and young adults based on their use of the Internet and social networks, social transformations they induce, transformatios that the author mentions as a possible rupture anthropological.

L'Asie et le futur du monde
Asia and the Future of the World
Yves Tiberghien
As the world's economic scales tip in the direction of developing countries, Asia is called upon to play an essential role in the resolution of global problems. A fascinating essay on the future of global governance.

Le G20, laboratoire d'un monde émergent
The G20 Summit, Laboratory of an Emerging World
Karoline Postel-Vinay
Since the 2008 financial crisis, the G20 has established itself as the primary forum for international economic cooperation. This book is an insightful analysis of its rise and its impact on the international order at a turning point of its trajectory.

La démocratie protestataire
Mouvements sociaux et politique en France aujourd'hui
Contentious Democracy
Social movements and politics in France today
Lilian Mathieu
An original thesis defending that social movements are neither a marginal component of the political landscape, nor a menace to democracy, but revive founding principles.

Émeutes vs intégration
Comparaisons franco-britanniques
Riots v. Integration
Franco-Britannic comparisons
Romain Garbaye
An illuminating essay, in a European context where multiculturalism tends to fade the shadow of a "neo-assimilationism," notably in France where ethnic statistics and the under-representation of minorities remain subjects for fierce debate.

Les CDI dans la tourmente
Entre loyauté et désarroi
The Torment of the Independent Contractor
Between loyalty and distress
David Mélo

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