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Violence de la rente pétrolière
Algérie - Libye - Irak
Violence and Oil Wealth
Algeria - Libya - Iraq
Luis Martinez
This book offers the first global approach on the impact of oil wealth in Algeria, Libya and Iraq from 1970 to 2008. Luis Martinez gives elements of causalities to the "Arabic spring", in particular in the oil-rich countries.

Les habits neufs de David Cameron
Les conservateurs britanniques (1990-2010)
David Cameron's New Ways
British Conservatives (1990-2010)
Agnès Alexandre-Collier

Les gouvernements New Labour
Le bilan de Tony Blair et de Gordon Brown
New Labour Governments
Tony Blair and Gordon Brown
Florence Faucher, Patrick Le Galès
This book provides a clear assessment of the New Labour public policies and their outcomes in Britain under the leadership of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown from 1997 to 2009.

Chine ou Japon : quel leader pour l'Asie ?
China or Japan: Which leader for Asia?
Claude Meyer
Both China and Japan have strong assets to claim for the leadership in Asia. This stimulating essay presents the recent developments in China and in Japan, in terms of economic evolutions but also with respect to their global strategic ambitions.

La France dans la nouvelle Europe
Assumer le changement d'échelle
France in the New Europe
Confronting a change in scale
Christian Lequesne
A sharp essay retracing the evolutions of France's European policy starting in the early 1980’s, while offering paths for France to take in recovering a place in Europe, and for Europe in recovering a place in France...

Les banlieues de l'Europe
Les politiques de voisinage de l'Union européenne
The Suburbs of Europe
European Neighborhood Policy
Jacques Rupnik
An analysis of the European neighborhood policy, its reception by the concerned nations (Ukraine, Georgia, Moldavia, Balkans, Turkey) and the issues Europe must respond frome the Russian border to Euro-mediterranean partnership.

Chine brune ou Chine verte?
Les dilemmes de l'État-parti
Brown China or Green China ?
The dilemmas of the state party
Benoit Vermander

Tony Blair 1997-2007
Le bilan des réformes
An assessment of reforms
Florence Faucher, Patrick Le Galès
This work proposes an original analysis of the laboratory of New Labour and its effects on the life of the British citizens.

Faut-il sauver les grandes écoles ?
De la culture de la sélection à la culture de l'innovation
Should the "Grandes écoles" be saved ?
From a selective to an innovative culture
Pierre Veltz

Qui sont les députés français ?
Enquête sur des élites inconnues
French Deputies
A study of a little-known elite
Olivier Costa, Eric Kerrouche

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