Les Députés français et l'Europe

Les Députés français et l'Europe

Tristes hémicycles ?
French MPs and Europe
« Houses on the Wane »

The assessment is clear: the role of MPs has changed. In analysing the impact of European integration on the French national assembly, Olivier Rozenberg has interviewed 60 MPs on their understanding of parliamentary activity.

Under pressure from Europe, MPs' relationships with voters, laws, ministers, and even themselves, have been altered. They must write funding applications, transmit the grievances of their voters, play lobbyists in Brussels, hatch political "coups" on European issues, etc.

There are thus different profiles of MPs that become progressively European. Local entrepreneurs, defenders of heritage, nationalists, aspiring presidential candidates, or experts, all populate these “houses on the wane”, which have been the scene of a profound transformation since Maastricht. This decline is as much to do with the difficulty the two houses have in adapting to the European Union, as with the emotions that MPs mobilise in their everyday action.

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