Français comme les autres ?

Français comme les autres ?

Enquête sur les citoyens d'origine maghrébine, africaine et turque
French like Everyone Else?
A survey of French citizens of Maghrebin, African, and Turkish origin

For nearly a quarter of a century, immigration has been a powerful and persistent issue in French public debates. Throughout questions of integration, discrimination, unemployment, insecurity, violence, laïcité, education, and communautarisme , the "image of the immigrant" remains omnipresent, and continually returns to the foreground of the political agenda. We need, therefore, to carefully explore the attitudes and behavior of Frenchmen and women with an immigrant background; particularly of those whose origins are African or Turkish, for it is in respect to them that the questions in this survey are so often raised. How do these people, be they immigrants or the descendents of immigrants, write themselves into French society?

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