L'Enjeu mondial.

L'Enjeu mondial.

Guerres et conflits armés au XXIe siècle
With Bertrand Badie, Thierry Balzacq, Laure Bardiès, Didier Bigo, Pauline Blistène, April Carter, Miguel Centeno, Daniel Compagnon, Frédéric Coste, Charles-Philippe David, Mathias Delori, Vincent Desportes, Daniel Deudney, Adrien Estève, Aude-Emmanuelle Fleurant, Eric Frécon, Frédéric Gros, Marine Guillaume, Ronald Hatto, Thomas Hippler, Bruno Latour, Thomas Lindemann, Benjamin Oudet, Benoît Pelopidas, Yannick Quéau, Frédéric Ramel, Alexis Rapin, Hew Strachan, Vicki Yang
Global issues
War and armed conflict in the 21st century

The arms race has begun again, nuclear one-upmanship continues, military interventions and terrorist attacks proliferate, combat has become more technological, and climate change provides a glimpse of an imminent war against nature… And yet we remain convinced that we are living the most peaceful period in human history. We continue to believe the promises, made at the end of the Cold War, of a perfectly pacified world.

Global issues focuses on the major interpretations of war as we know it, whether in the decline in inter-state conflicts, the continual normalization of states of emergency, or the transformation of the forms and spaces of combat. Using illustrated and annotated overviews, along with maps, interviews and debates with leading anglophone and francophone specialists, this volume presents cutting-edge research in conflict studies, which has renewed both instruments and concepts and helped to understand what causes war and what helps contain it.

Coproduced by the CERI Cartography Workshop and les Presses de Sciences Po, the "Global Issues" collection provides analysis by specialists, illustrated by clear and pedagogical maps, and color graphs of the latest data. Works in this collection are updated and enhanced at: www.sciencespo.fr/enjeumondial

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