Le Privilège occidental

Le Privilège occidental

Travail, intimité et hiérarchies postcoloniales à Dubaï
Western privilege
Work, intimacy and postcolonial hierarchy in Dubai

No other place incarnates the advantages associated with whiteness and Westerness better than Dubai, the city at the crossroads of neo-liberal globalization.

Through accounts collected from one hundred westerners living in Dubai, whether expatriates or on local contracts, the author shows that these residents constitute their own social group. They share the experience of structural privilege both on the labour market and in the private sphere, although also subject to gender, class, race and sexual hierarchies. Yet all those who carry foreign passports, particularly French ones, do not benefit from this privilege equally.

In Dubai, western status is not only used to rank, legitimize, regroup, and distance, it is also used to distinguish oneself from the other elites of the global city, with the conviction of being more advance in all areas, whether professional, conjugal, familial or domestic.

This book provides a striking and singular perspective on the contemporary reconfigurations of Western hegemony.