Art versus War

Art versus War

Les artistes américains contre la guerre en Irak

Art vs War
American artists against the war in Iraq

Starting in 2002, the approaching war in Iraq sparked massive protests. From Michael Moore to Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon, numerous Hollywood stars joined the ranks of the dissenters. Because of their high media profiles, these voices drove the destiny of the anti-war movement.

This book deciphers the logic behind the engagement of artists, perfomers and celebrities from the music and film industries. Its vast study of the field reveals how contemporary protest methods contrast with mobilization styles from the past, notably those used to protest the Vietnam War.

The author draws new ties between artists and politics. Taking a public position against the war in Iraq, or producing "militant art" seems a risky enterprise for its creators. Why do they do they throw themselves into the fray despite all this?
In this volume, the character of the "engaged artist" redesigns itself before our eyes. For Violaine Roussel, this is an opportunity to investigate the new modalities of civic involvement in democratic societies.

Violaine Roussel

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