Opinion, sondages et démocratie

Opinion, sondages et démocratie

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Opinions, Pollsnd Democracy

Opinion is the beating heart of modern democracy, and polls constantly monitor its pulse. Their publication, as we know, exerts a powerful influence on political actors and the media, hence the numerous controversies surrounding them—especially during election years!

Do polls themselves manipulate opinion? Do they make or break elections? How and under what conditions are they useful to citizens, politicians and researchers? Such are the questions Roland Cayrol addresses, showing—after a brief history of the polls, including their evolution and the techniques of professional pollsters—how they've become an essential instrument of knowledge, even of freedom in certain countries.

Clear and piercingly insightful, this work offers any reader a better understanding of how polls are used in our societies, as well as the rigorous ethical rules of their usage.

Roland Cayrol is an Associate Director of Research at the Centre de recherches politiques de Sciences Po (Cevipof). Co-founder of the polling institute CSA, he is the acting advisor on strategy, image and communication, and comments regularly on contemporary politics and the evolution of opinion.

Roland Cayrol

Ecrit aussi sous le pseudonyme Jean Duchateau
Directeur de recherches à la Fondation nationale des sciences politiques (en 1991 et en 1997)

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