Gouverner les conduites

Gouverner les conduites

With Pauline Barraud de la Lagerie, Sandrine Barrey, Henri Bergeron, Camille Boubal, Patrick Castel, Nicolas Delalande, Laure Gaertner, Séverine Gojard, Jeanne Lazarus, Étienne Nouguez, Ana Perrin-Heredia, Marie Piganiol, Olivier Pilmis, Marie Plessz, Marie Trespeuch
Regulating Behaviour

'Eat smart, be smart', 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle', ‘Same medicine, same results’, ‘Smoking kills’…

What is the State doing when it gets involved in our private lives and seeks to guide our behaviour with such slogans? Is such intervention legitimate? What are the instruments and who are the actors involved in the governance of behaviour? How do the interested parties tend to react?

Analysing a number of concrete cases, this volume highlights how our behaviour is governed: according to which norms, with which instruments, to what end and with what degree of success. It also demonstrates how, from the bonus/malus system to the ‘Five fruits and vegetables a day’ slogan, the State seeks to regulate the practices of economic actors and has gradually enmeshed itself in the various nooks and crannies of personal and domestic life.

Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier is a sociologist, a CNRS research director and the assistant director of the Centre de sociologie des organisations (CSO – Centre for organisational sociology) (CNRS-Sciences Po).

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