Refonder le système de protection sociale

Refonder le système de protection sociale

Pour une nouvelle génération de droits sociaux
Bernard Gazier, Bruno Palier, Hélène Périvier
Restructuring the Social Protection System
Towards a New Generation of Social Rights

The French social protection system has helped to consolidate social cohesion, to fight against poverty and to attenuate the devastating effects of the current economic crisis. However, as this system is based on the model of a male head of household with a dependent wife and children, it reinforces gender inequalities and overlooks — and at times penalises — career development.

Outlining a new architecture of social protection, this book shows that it is both urgent and possible to restructure this system. The system's metamorphosis must be based on the requirements of gender equality, assistance for diversified careers and upstream social investments in favour of children and youths, in order to guarantee the right to a high quality personal and professional life for everyone.

This second generation of social rights would combine social protection and promotion for all women and men in order to build a society of equals.

Bernard Gazier

Bernard Gazier est professeur émérite de sciences économiques à l'université Paris 1.