L'énergie éolienne en Europe

L'énergie éolienne en Europe

Conflits, démocratie, acceptabilité sociale
With Amélie Bonnet, Marcin Dabrowski, Moussa Dicko, Ferenc Fodor, Rachel Guyet, Farida Lamari, Gilles Lepesant
Wind Energy in Europe
Conflicts, democracy and social acceptability

Throughout Europe, the installation of wind turbines provokes conflicts that involve numerous public, private and associative actors operating within local, regional or national coalitions, which are themselves subject to strong legal, economic, environmental or private constraints. The institutional, financial and political innovations that result from the resolution of these conflicts reflect the vivacity of local democracy and the variability inherent in the notion of social acceptability.

The product of cooperation between social scientists and engineers, this book analyses a range of cases in Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland – examples of centralised, decentralised or regionalised countries. It highlights the minimum prerequisites that need to be respected before wind turbines are installed and lays out a framework to help with decision-making.

Gilles Lepesant

Gilles Lepesant est géographe, chercheur au CNRS et enseignant à Sciences Po Paris. Il est l'auteur de nombreux articles consacrés à la géographie politique et économique de l’Europe centraleet d’ouvrages dont L’Ukraine dans la nouvelle Europe (Dir.) (Paris, CNRS Editions, 2005)

Géographie économique de l'Europe centrale
Recomposition et européanisation des territoires
An Economic Geography of Central Europe
Territorial recomposition and Europeanization
Gilles Lepesant
By involving contemporary paradigms of economic geography, comparing the development strategies employed by the central European States to others, Irish or Asian, this book provides a valuable framework for understanding the new geography of Europe.

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