La Chine en quête de ses frontières

La Chine en quête de ses frontières

La confrontation Chine-Taiwan
China in Search of its Borders
The Chinese-Taiwan confrontation

China is still searching to define its borders even though it is looking to establish its « emergence as a peaceful power » on the international scene. Nothing illustrates this better than the ongoing confrontation between China and Taiwan – a confrontation which is not only territorial and military, but also political, ideological and cultural.

This book highlights the context and the dynamics of this conflict: recent developments in the society and the economy of each country signalled the end of the status quo, the immediate effect of which was to increase simultaneously both the threats and the opportunities. In these circumstances, peace will only be established if both Peking and Tapei truly desire it and set about building it. An analysis of changes in the society and strategies of each of the protagonists, together with an analysis of the role played by the US, Japan and the European Union reveals the sophistication of a conflictual relation and offers a valuable case study to this new discipline which “the study of conflict resolution” represents.

Jean-Pierre Cabestan

Professor in Political Science
Faculté des sciences sociales de l'Université baptiste de Hong Kong

Professor & Head of Department of Government and International Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences,
Hong Kong Baptist University, Université baptiste de Hong Kong.

La politique internationale de la Chine
Entre intégration et volonté de puissance
China's International Policy
Between integration and will to power
Jean-Pierre Cabestan
How China now designs its relations with the world? This comprehensive overview highlights the evolution of official discourse and resources mobilized by China to increase its influence in world affairs.

Le système politique chinois
Un nouvel équilibre autoritaire
The Chinese Political System
A New Authoritarian Equilibrium
Jean-Pierre Cabestan
The author gives a comprehensive overview of the Chinese political system that fills a major gap. This publication therefore appears essential for any researcher in RI, whatever their field of study, given the prominent role played by the Chinese power on the world stage.

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