Traité de relations internationales

Traité de relations internationales

Treatise of International Relations

Long considered an 'American science', international relations is now one of the most promising academic disciplines globally, in terms of the number of courses offered, the variety of research programmes and the level of student interest.

As the result of collaboration among over sixty researchers at all levels, this treatise addresses all aspects of international relations, including the field’s most recent developments. It combines different approaches to this scientific domain, hoping to help strengthen and stimulate the study of international relations within the Francophone world.

This overview is divided into four sections: 1) a comparative history of international relations as a university discipline; 2) an analysis of how other disciplines ranging from mathematics to philosophy comprehend international relations; 3) a survey of the state of knowledge in the field’s different branches; and 4) an analysis of the different channels by which international relations knowledge is disseminated, from pedagogy to parliamentary debates, without neglecting the important role of new media.

Seeking to revive the ancient tradition of the treatise, this innovative volume, hitherto unseen in France, hopes to simultaneously be a gateway to the discipline and a source of reference for all its relevant players: students, teachers, researchers, politicians, diplomats, experts and professionals working with international organisations and associations.

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