Normes de genre dans les institutions culturelles

Normes de genre dans les institutions culturelles

With Laura Cappelle, Samuel Chagnard, Marion Coville, Christine Détrez, Zoé Haller, Clémence Perronnet, Serge Proust, Mathilde Provansal, Corine Védrine
Gender norms in the culture sector

What are the mechanisms that produce and reproduce situations of gender inequality or discrimination in areas of culture activity, creation and performance, in a sector where bodies are often put on display for creation, interpretation, or mediation?

The articles in this book identify and question gendered differentiations, as well as the processes that underpin them, whether social or specific to the different art worlds. They look at both the sectors at the historically legitimate center of cultural public policy, as well as other more recent ones, in areas where women occupy a wide variety of roles and in which gender norms and stereotypes may play out in contrasting ways.

Based on fieldwork studies, this book suggests that the specificities of different sectors should be conceptualized in terms of gendered representation and distribution: classical dance, visual arts, and more specifically contemporary art, classical music, theatre, video games, and scientific culture.

Sylvie Octobre

Sylvie Octobre is sociologist with the Department of research, statistics and foresight at the French Ministry of Culture.

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Sociology : Gender studies

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