L'Attraction mondiale

L'Attraction mondiale

World Attraction


By tackling the relation between philosophical considerations and international relations distinct domains through the idea of an "attraction mondiale" (world attraction), the author is able to gather his diverse material into three ways of thinking future international political thought and organization.

This book constitutes a good introduction to present 'cosmopolitan' debates. This research aims at introducing originally international political philosophy thanks to the concept of "attractor" : a very well known concept in physics or mathematics - especially on chaos theory. It provides an overview of the competing approaches of normative international theory by revisiting classical authors of the field, especially Kant, Hobbes, Rawls,…). It also introduces new theoretical approaches like cosmopolitism of the stranger or francophone approaches (Tassin, Bensaïd, Jullien).

The author: Frédéric Ramel is a university professor of political science at Sciences Po. He is the editor of Philosophie des relations internationales (Presses de Sciences Po, 2011)

Frédéric Ramel

Frédéric Ramel is a professor in political science at Sciences Po.

L'Enjeu mondial.
Guerres et conflits armés au XXIe siècle
Global issues
War and armed conflict in the 21st century
Benoît Pelopidas, Frédéric Ramel
Using illustrated and annotated overviews, along with maps, "Global issues" focuses on the major interpretations of war as we know it, whether in the decline in inter-state conflicts, the continual normalization of states of emergency, or the transformation of the forms and spaces of combat.

Manuel de diplomatie
Manual of Diplomacy
Thierry Balzacq, Frédéric Charillon, Frédéric Ramel
The first manual of diplomacy every published in French, this book covers all aspects of the diplomatic institution of the 21st century. It also situates diplomacy within its historical evolution and presents its traditional aspects as well as its new forms of expression.

Traité de relations internationales
Treatise of International Relations
Thierry Balzacq, Frédéric Ramel
Seeking to revive the ancient tradition of the treatise, this innovative volume hopes to simultaneously be a gateway to the discipline and a source of reference for all its relevant players: students, teachers, researchers, politicians, diplomats, experts and professionals working with international organisations and associations.

Philosophie des relations internationales
Philosophy of International Relations
Frédéric Ramel
Through a selection of ancient or contemporary texts, the reader will discover here the great thinkers of political philosophy.


Méthodes de recherche en relations internationales
Research Methods for Studies in International Relations
Guillaume Devin
Drawing on numerous case studies and the expertise of some twenty researchers, this book provides a summary of the main key resources and methods adopted in international relations research, including using archives and databases, conducting interviews, establishing a corpus, analyzing quantitative data, producing nuanced interpretation of images.

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Dictionnaire des mouvements sociaux
Dictionnary of Social Movements
Olivier Fillieule, Lilian Mathieu, Cécile Péchu




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