La Peur des banlieues

La Peur des banlieues

The Fear of the Suburbs

The fear evoked by the Parisian suburbs periodically occupies the front of the media stage. Fear of urban violence, religious fundamentalism, new "dangerous classes," and above all fear of the unknown. Similarly, the inhabitants of the suburbs are frustrated to be living in the discomfort of daily fear; their feeling of insecurity logically becomes what drives them to resist with the vote by supporting the extreme right.

Henri Rey

Henri Rey est directeur de recherche FNSP au Centre de recherches politiques de
Sciences Po (CEVIPOF).

Le réformisme assumé de la CFDT
The Reformism of the CFDT
Survey of Members
Martine Barthelemy, Claude Dargent, Guy Groux, Henri Rey
For the first time, an original investigation of the CFDT (French Democratic Confederation of Labour) reveals the aspects of continuity and discontinuity characteristic of this trade union, its history and its universe.

C'était la gauche plurielle
Daniel Boy, Henri Rey, Françoise Subileau


La démocratie de l'entre-soi
Pascal Perrineau, Luc Rouban
In this book, a team of researchers from CEVIPOF suggests that what is "common" is no longer based on what is public, but on what is private. That politics is now evolving in communitarian spaces of all kinds, family, religious denominations, political parties, oligarchies...

La politique au fil de l'âge
Politics and age
Anne Muxel
Revolutionary at 20, conservative at 60: is there truth in this old adage? Do our political attitudes change as we age? This work gives light to the ties between age, generation, life cycle and our political lives.

La politique en France et en Europe
Politics in France and in Europe
Pascal Perrineau, Luc Rouban

Atlas électoral 2007
Qui vote quoi, où, comment ?
Electoral Atlas 2007
Who votes what, where, and how ?
Pascal Perrineau

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