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Firmes privées et gouvernance mondiale de la santé
Private companies and global health governance

Since the end of the 1990s, multinational firms — mainly pharmaceutical companies — have been very active in the global health sector. Now, these same firms have formed numerous international public-private partnerships. What is the role of these partnerships and what actions do they implement? Are they capable of co-operating with States, NGOs, international organisations and private foundations?

Focusing on the fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and neglected tropical diseases — issues that originally prompted international co-operation — this book charts the introduction of companies into global health governance via institutional organisations and market co-operation mechanisms. The author shows that this has been a gradual process through which these companies, which were originally autonomous actors, have become subject to regulations and ultimately transformed into governance partners.

This volume provides a unique look at the participation of economic multilateral actors and their ability to alter the functioning of global health governance.

Auriane Guilbaud

Auriane Guilbaud, docteure en science politique de Sciences Po, est maîtrede conférences à l'Université Paris 8.

Critique internationale 71, avril-juin 2016
Les petits États au prisme du multilatéralisme
Small States on Multilateralism Prism
Auriane Guilbaud, et al.


Méthodes de recherche en relations internationales
Research Methods for Studies in International Relations
Guillaume Devin
Drawing on numerous case studies and the expertise of some twenty researchers, this book provides a summary of the main key resources and methods adopted in international relations research, including using archives and databases, conducting interviews, establishing a corpus, analyzing quantitative data, producing nuanced interpretation of images.

Négociations internationales
International Negotiations
Franck Petiteville, Delphine Placidi-Frot
Peace, trade, nuclear, environment, Europe... Multilateralism requires players to constantly negotiate. A very useful synthesis on the specifics of the multilateral negotiations for professionals, teachers and students.

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