Santé mondiale. Enjeu stratégique, jeux diplomatiques

Santé mondiale. Enjeu stratégique, jeux diplomatiques

Dominique Kerouedan, Joseph Brunet-Jailly
With Francis Akindès, Hubert Balique, Achille Bassilekin, Eric Chevallier, Laurent Fabius, Pierre Gentile, Gustavo Gonzalez-Canali, Kappoori Madhavan Gopakumar, Mukesh Kapila, Bassma Kodmani, Bernard Kouchner, Claire Magone, Aya Thérèse N'Dri-Yoman , Michel Pletschette, Irene Raciti, Philippe Ryfman, Pierre Salignon, Deisy Ventura 
World Health: Strategic Stakes and Diplomatic Moves

As globalisation has spread, health has become a subject of international policy, international security and global governance. It is only one sphere among many that world powers exploit to gain influence, prestige and power. Usually masked by emotional rhetoric, this volume reveals the real content of public health interventions that are increasingly governed by the interests of Western States, special interest groups and the imperatives of multinational industries. Among the things unmasked, for example, is the geopolitics of legal drugs, a situation that holds hostage not just the sick, but also national decision-makers and the leaders of international institutions.

Bringing together researchers from Africa, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East, as well as diplomats and other actors on the ground, this volume examines a variety of different national situations from the perspective of public health, international relations, sociology, political science, ethics and the law. In particular, it illustrates how the discriminating intervention of funders in the health sector has proven to be a veritable obstacle to the development of recipient countries and despite the rosy rhetoric, only serves to augment injustice.

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