La politique étrangère des États-Unis

La politique étrangère des États-Unis

Fondements, acteurs, formulation
With Louis Balthazar, Célia Belin, Claire Delahaye, Frédérick Gagnon, David Grondin, Karine Prémont, Élisabeth Vallet
American Foreign Policy
Founding principles, actors, development

In the United States, the development of foreign policy involves a great variety of actors, provokes intense debates and presupposes lengthy negotiations. All of this activity only increased when the wars undertaken during the 2000s came to an end, and decisions were made regarding the new wars of the 2010s.

This full overview of the development of American foreign policy simultaneously examines its history, nature, culture, approaches, associated institutions and links with society. The authors of this volume incorporate different perspectives gleaned from American political science and international relations, taking into account constitutional law and administrative science to analyse the founding principles of this foreign policy, describe its mechanisms and identify its key actors. This volume thus reviews the influence of the presidency, bureaucracies, the National Security Council, Congress, public opinion and the media, as well as that of lobbies and think tanks.

For this third, fully revised and updated edition, the only one of its kind in French, Charles-Philippe David consulted with seven renowned American foreign policy experts.

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