Manuel de diplomatie

Manuel de diplomatie

Manual of Diplomacy

Diplomacy has undergone several major evolutions. It is no longer the prerogative of the state and its agents; it uses increasingly technical tools and invests in new areas of negotiation. These changes have provided a renewal of interest in the analysis of the diplomatic sphere, through numerous disciplines from political science to international relations, history, and sociology.

The first manual of diplomacy every published in French, this book covers all aspects of the diplomatic institution of the 21st century. It also situates diplomacy within its historical evolution and presents its traditional aspects as well as its new forms of expression.

The book is organized in three sections:

-- vectors: bilateralism, multilateralism, negotiation and mediation, new information and communication technologies, diplomacy of clubs and groups, paradiplomacy, rituals and protocol;

-- actors: state, intergovernmental organizations, regions (sub- and super-state), parliaments and regional bodies, individuals;

-- sectors: culture, entertainment, environment, economics and business, expertise, humanitarian and defense.