Politique internationale de l'environnement

Politique internationale de l'environnement

International Environmental Policy

  • International Environment Policy brings together in one volume all aspects of global environmental governance policy offering pedagogical texts accompanied by nu

Can climate change provoke war? Does a scientific consensus exist regarding the best way to fight climate change? Are the United States still unreceptive to environmental protection? Is multilateral co-operation doomed to fail when confronting national sovereignty? What are political declarations worth if they are not accompanied by coercive mechanisms? Can transnational corporations truly become NGO allies? This manual addresses these questions and many more.

As an incubator for ideas, the environment has provided increasingly fertile ground for reflection since the end of the 20th century. Since many environmental realities are unprecedented and unbounded, they provide a number of new tools and concepts for international relations, such as interdependence, network-based governance, intergenerational equity, and effective co-operation. The environment also offers a particularly interesting angle to observe summit diplomacy and interactions between international regimes, as well as to analyse the effectiveness of various international instruments and the role of non-State actors, scientists in particular.

Structured in terms of the main analytical debates in international environmental policy, this manual presents pedagogical texts accompanied by numerous tables, charts, diagrammes, timelines, graphs, indices and links to specialised resources, in order to facilitate understanding and encourage new studies in this field of research.

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