L'Union européenne dans le temps long

L'Union européenne dans le temps long

The European Union in the Long Term

Echoing the method of Fernand Braudel, Jean-Louis Quermonne offers a brief history of Europe facing the test of time. A specialist on Europe, the author hasn't ceased to follow the evolutions of the insitutions, politics and the political life of the European Union from its creation to its most recent expansions, from its successive treaties to the ratification of the Treaty of Lisbonne.

Acknowledging the end of western hegemony, a confounded Europe and the United States, the redistribution of power on the world scale, but also acknowledging the changing dimensions of Europe a the beginning of the century, this book pleads for a third European way, a European Federation of Nation States, or "Intergovernmental Federalism" which would Europe a place in the governance of a multilateral world.

Jean-Louis Quermonne, a specialist in political institutions and regimes, as well as on the European Union and its politics, is a Professor of Political Science at the IEP of Grenoble. He is one of the founding members of the think tank Our Europe. Publications: Europe in its Quest for Legitimacy (Science Po Press, 2001); The Fifth Republic (Flammarion, 2000); The Political System of the European Union (Montchretien, 2001); Western Political Regimes (Seuil, 2000).

Jean-Louis Quermonne (1927)

Agrégé de droit public, diplômé de science politique
Professeur à l'Institut d'études politiques de Paris (en 1987)
Professeur émérite à l'université de Grenoble-II

Les mots de l'Europe
Lexique de l'intégration européenne
Emiliano Grossman, Bastien Irondelle, Sabine Saurugger, Jean-Louis Quermonne

La France présidentielle
L'influence du suffrage universel sur la vie politique
Jean-Louis Quermonne, Nicholas Wahl

Administration et politique sous la Cinquième République
Francis de Baecque, Jean-Louis Quermonne


Institutions, élections, opinion
Mélanges en l'honneur de Jean-Luc Parodi
Institutions, Elections and Public Opinion
Yves Déloye, Alexandre Dézé, Sophie Maurer
A major figure of French political science, Jean-Luc Parodi has significantly influenced the discipline, whether intellectually thanks to his pioneering studies, institutionally, or even individually, due to his personality. These texts pay tribute to the intellectual and the man himself.