Métropoles en Méditerranée

Métropoles en Méditerranée

Gouverner par les rentes
With Pierre-Arnaud Barthel, Jean-François Pérouse, Taoufik Souami, Eric Verdeil
Mediterranean metropolis
Government by dividends

Beirut, Cairo, Algiers, Istanbul: all evoke a very long history. Yet over recent decades the traditional images associated with these metropolises on the edge of the Mediterranean have faded in favour of ones marked by everyday violence, flows of migrants, and urban disorder.

Have they become ungovernable? Are they too dense, too polluted, too unequal? By delving into the fabric of their networks and institutions, this book shows that the major difficulties of these towns reflect not the lack of government, but rather its specific forms.

Although they do not meet all the needs of residents and businesses, urban networks make a de facto contribution to governance by contributing to infrastructure. Public sector weaknesses are compensated for by problem-based coordination. In the absence of a strong industrial sector (with the exception of Istanbul), housing production plays a major economic role. It is the distribution of dividends from land, urbanism, and oil between parts of the elite that determines the destinies of these towns, between splendour and decline.

Taoufik Souami

Taoufik Souami est directeur de l'Ecole d'urbanisme de Paris.