Gouverner (par) les finances publiques

Gouverner (par) les finances publiques

Philippe Bezes, Alexandre Siné

Governing (via) Public Finance


Public finance is at the heart of both the functioning and debates of democratic societies, but they are rarely analyzed in terms of power, conflict between actors, negotiations, policy choices, constraints or resources for public action, and the relationship between governments and their citizens.

This work illuminates contemporary transformations of the State and of public action, marked by deficits, fiscal reform, fiscal spending ideologies, regulation, and the question of redistribution while examining several different areas, like defense, justice, healthcare, research, immigration, transportation, local government, diplomacy, and housing.

The authors: Phillippe Bezes is a Doctor of Political Science, Researcher at CNRS and an Instructor at Sciences Po. Alexandre Siné is Inspector of Finances, agrégé in economic and social science and doctor of political science.

Julie Pollard

A lecturer and researcher at the University of Lausanne, Julie Pollard has worked on urban and housing policy for the last fifteen years.

L'Etat, le promoteur et le maire
La fabrication des politiques du logement
The state, the investor and the Mayor
Manufacturing housing policy
Julie Pollard
Over the last twenty years, in order to continue to support construction – including of public housing – while limiting their investments, the state and municipalities have chosen to hand things over to investors. By making themselves dependent on investors, public actors run the risk of seeing themselves stripped of their ability for action.


Villes sobres
Nouveaux modèles de gestion des ressources
Frugal cities
New models of resource management
Dominique Lorrain, Charlotte Halpern, Catherine Chevauché
With environmental urgency facing us everywhere, innovative urban projects to reduce pollution and waste are emerging around the world. But how useful are these experiences on a global scale? Is it possible to make a town durable without being detrimental to its surroundings? This book sets out to explore these questions.

Une "French touch" dans l'analyse des politiques publiques ?
Laurie Boussaguet, Sophie Jacquot, Pauline Ravinet

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