Le nouveau capitalisme agricole

Le nouveau capitalisme agricole

De la ferme à la firme
François Purseigle, Geneviève Nguyen, Pierre Blanc
With Ward Anseeuw, Olivier Antoine, Stéphanie Barral, Mathieu Brun, Eve Anne Bühler, Antoine Ducastel, Samuel Frederico, Martine Guibert, Valter Lucio De Oliveira, Bruno Legagneux, Fanny Lepage, Loïc Mazenc, Valérie Olivier Salvagnac
New agricultural capitalism
From the farm to the firm

In stark opposition to the traditional family farm, agricultural companies loom large in many regions of the world. With them comes a re-organisation of agriculture, the shape of which remains largely invisible.

With the exception of a few "mega farms" or “1000-cow farms” that have attracted media attention, most of these companies have up until now escaped analysis, due to the fact that their forms are both vague and multifarious. However, their economic and financial performance, along with their environmental and social impacts raise questions in political, professional, and also scientific spheres.

How are they organised? What are their logics and modes of action? In what spaces do they situate themselves? How does a family farm become an agricultural company? What kind of actors are involved? What are their attitudes towards politics? What conflicts do they provoke?

The first study of an emerging global phenomenon.

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