Terres, pouvoirs et conflits

Terres, pouvoirs et conflits

Une agro-histoire du monde
Land, power and conflict
An agrohistory of the world

The earth provides resources and bestows power upon those who appropriate them. Societies have constantly fought and died for this – through civil wars, authoritarianisms, conquests and so on.

Because land possession remains a critical political objective, Pierre Blanc reviews contemporary history by placing the issue of land ownership at the heart of power relations.

From European fascisms to Latin American dictatorships, from the Chinese revolution to Colombian guerrillas, how many political events have played out against backdrops of poorly distributed land? From the Cold War United States to contemporary Russia, from the global investments of China or the Gulf States, how many countries have expressed their desire for power and security through the control of land? From the Kurds to the Tibetans, the Palestinians or the Chinese Uyghurs, how many people have seen their land stolen, and with it their dreams of recognition?

This book provides an agrohistory of the world in order to shed light on the geopolitical issues of the 21st century.